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RX System

BIDIRECTIONAL BEVERAGE 180M long home made 110/290°
SHORT SINGLE WIRE BEVERAGE 90m long home made 320°, only in winther time
FLAG and PENNANT in other 6 direction all home made, only in winther time.

With this antenna system my DXCC counts 185 entities in TB, in just 7 years, not bad from this place. Thank you to my guru and "brother" Marco IK2CLB for help me in all decisions on antennas to be tested in my qth. Thank you Bro!!!!
My RX system on 2018/2020
DXE-RG5000 and BF994X5 DX.ENG
Trafo for Pennant and Flag home made,
and lot off BN73-202
Diamond loop 3x3 with my best friend Enrico IK3HHV and Antonio IK3SVT
My 10 position control box only for RX beam
My bidirectional beverage all home made
My old preampli system Kit by W2IUV
Giuseppe Fadalti
P.zza Chianesia n° 13/3 32040 Vodo di Cadore (BL)
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